Are your cake boards Food Grade?

To be defined as food-grade, all materials need to be non-toxic and safe for consumption.

Considering we are a cake baseboard manufacturer in Mumbai, we take utmost care to ensure that all of our finished products are handled and transported with utmost care.

All of our cake boards, that we keep a stock of, is available in two colours – Gold and Silver. These colours are nothing but food-grade films that are laminated on top of the mill boards to ensure that the product you finally use is completely food grade. We also ensure that all of our cake baseboards are packed in a sustainable and hygienic way so as to avoid dust and other particles settling on them during transport.

Not only do we supply cake boards wholesale but also in retail, so there is no minimum quantity of supply. Our doors are open to you whether you want one single piece or thousands in different sizes. Starting from pastries, we make a board for up to 5kg cakes. While our cake boards for up to 2 kgs come in 3mm thickness, the bigger sized boards are made with a thickness of 6mm so as to be able to hold the weight of the cakes, you so artistically create.

You can buy cake boxes online in Mumbai as well as the boards by visiting our website or getting in touch with us via Whatsapp. You can also check our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to be kept up to date with our latest product additions and other pictures.

In addition to being a cake box manufacturer in Mumbai, we also make cupcakes packaging boxes for retail and wholesale. You can find the prices on our website and get in touch with us for any queries.